About us

Star Tutor is one of the best online tuition provider in Malaysia. Star Tutor was born in 2020 due to the impact of Covid 19 pandemic in Malaysia. Since then, the growth and success of Star Tutor was unstoppable. Star Tutor is offering Online Tuition from Standard 4 up to Form 5 level for All Subjects. Our unique formula of success is the quality, commitment and dedication of the our teachers. Every single teacher in Star Tutor have their unique approach to guide the students to the destination called success. All our teachers are government school teachers and full time lecturers with very strong subject matter. Star Tutor also providing class recording to help the students to do revision in the future. Free monthly programmes such as workshops and seminars organised by Star Tutor during school holidays is really helping the students to spent their school holiday in a beneficial way and improve in all the subjects in very short period of time. More over, the monthly subscription fee is extremely low from only Rm 120 for all the subjects. This is to provide high quality online tuition experience to all Malaysian students in a very affordable price. In conclusion, Star Tutor is a place where Star Students are born.


To provide the best and quality online tuition service with affordable price for all Malaysian students.


  • Help the student to achieve excellence in education and life.
  • Organise quality programmes to helps the students to improve in the academics.
  • Cultivate moral values among students to create quality younger generation